Cover story: A gorgeous and gentle python we rescued earlier from being killed helped us back in a school presentation. The python was afterwards released in a secret forest in Hong Kong.









Children's Party

Fun, education, and hands-on experience at the same time! Unbeatably top quality kids party entertainment in Hong Kong.

School Presentation

Students learn about nature, science and conservation in classes, assemblies, or fairs! Made to fit all different ages in both international and local schools.

Adult Party

Snake charmers at your party! Our animal handlers show up in a classy way to spice up corporate events, wedding, birthday, and any private parties!

Animal Exhibition

Temporary animal exhibits with professional setup to spice up your events.






Snake Removal

Snake inspection, proofing, consulting, removal and relocation in Hong Kong for the safety of your family or residents in a harmless way to the snakes.

Team Building

We offer your team creepy crawler challenges. Your team can overcome the common fear and have a breakthrough together like in fear factor.





Photoshoot & Filming

Photogenic and calm animals of a large variety available for TV, films, commercials, pre-wedding photography, magazines, and more

Phobia Solution

A program that helps you overcome fear of creepy crawlers such as spiders and snakes






Past Work

About the 2,896 successful presentations we have done within the past decade.

Celebrity Guests

Uncountable internationally known faces showed up to us all these years and had a good time with our animals.